Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pictture of a Road

This picture was taken in Taft during my nephew's birthday party. The picture is showing an inclined road that ends at the top of the street. To me, the road symbolizes the uphill struggles that I will experience throughout college in order to reach graduation. The road also has cracks that symbols the felling of giving up, but I have to keep in mind that my goals are at the end of the street.   

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Rhetorical Modes in Ch. 1

In chapter one, Forest Primeval to Park Avenue, in the book Routes of Man by Ted Conover, roads can be seen as a pysical route of transportaion or a pathway leading into a system of vairous human connection that can either be destructive towards the biodiversity areas of South America or can be a step towards discovery.

Definition: Conover uses definition by mentioning how some some roads are tougher to cross through rather then other roads can be an easy way out of places.

Description: How some roads can still be seen even after 100s of years and each village is different than the others by financial status or the villagers

Cause/Effect: Roads cause a rise in tourism like the town of Puerto Maldonado. when the Spaniards arrived in South America and how the old world was obliterated by the new world due to an increase in trading gold. Many tradition, diseases and varieties in resources are changing or increasing. 

Exemplification: Conover uses example of different types of roads(dirt/concrete).  He mentions who were the first to build them and how the roads should be made according to the environment they are dealing with.

Compare/Contrast: Conover compares and contrast every town he visits. He mentions some towns having concrete roads, many places to eats, the number of people in a village and the towns being a tourist spot. While in the jungle, many towns are dirt poor, one place to eat, dirt roads and a small population. 

Narration: Conover tells the stories of the people he travels with and includes many historical facts.

Division/Classification: Many people want to save the rainforest and through them are made many organizations like NGO that are trying to save various parts of the rainforest. whether it is to save  mahogany or different types of species that are on the verge of becoming extinct. How different jobs of transportation are assigned to different people under one factory who transport illegal mahogany into the United States and how it reaches New York or other states. Different types of transportation are need(boat/truck) to transport mahogany.

Processes Analysis: Throughout the chapter conover uses dates to date back when the first roads where made. Then he uses the years to chronologically mention when the roads were used, who was in power at the time and how the roads had different meanings.